A year without flight
photo_345_20111021_1 23 September, 2013
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Shipping out

June 26, 2012



At 16:00hrs Auckland time, Tom and I will be hauling our 150kg of luggage along the rain spat on Auckland Port dock towards the Bahia Castillo – the ship that will take us over the Tasman to Melbourne.  We’ve been watching the great lady come in and perving at her profile photos on the ship tracker this […]

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Business class

June 22, 2012


20120621 image

We are travelling back to Melbourne via cargo. The more you book cargo travel the cheaper and easier it gets. Perhaps I give off some sailors’ scent now – a mixture of brine, smoke and loneliness – that booking agents are tuned in to. It has the equivalence of a business class ticket. I am […]

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Kill Your Darlings on the high seas

May 31, 2012



My latest article about travel by cargo ship has lonely sailors, femininity and projectile vomiting. Read it at Kill Your Darlings

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