Concession to New Zealand please.

Posted on 31 August, 2011


In an email conversation with Mr Cargo Ship, he said ‘why go to New Zealand’ when you could go to Philadelphia via the Panama Canal and Jamaica?’ Why indeed. Maybe it’s coming down to the answer of ‘why not?’ Why on earth can I get a flight across the ditch with the flick of a finger, yet shipping there seems so damned hard. My favorite time waster this year is writing to cargo ship companies. Here are a few viable (if not downright expensive) options:

Globo ship – approx. AUD 1,455.26 per person to NZ (yikes) –
Do I love these guys because they’re called ‘Globoship’? Yes. Their site is in German, if you do a search on google and translate you can get the info on their very exciting routes. They’re very responsive with enquiries.

Oceanus Travel – approx AUD $1000 per person to NZ –
Again, really responsive but perhaps with not as many ships. They don’t yet have a schedule for 2012.

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