Shipping out

Posted on 26 June, 2012


At 16:00hrs Auckland time, Tom and I will be hauling our 150kg of luggage along the rain spat on Auckland Port dock towards the Bahia Castillo – the ship that will take us over the Tasman to Melbourne. 

We’ve been watching the great lady come in and perving at her profile photos on the ship tracker this morning. By tonight we’ll be stomping around her iron decks, shoveling mystery meats into our vegetarian stomachs (don’t bother being vego on a ship dears or it’s mash, mash, mashed potato for Australia) and feeling pretty swarthy until tomorrow when the waves sort our stomachs out.

Perhaps it’s a true sign of busyness when you’re looking forward to a bout of sea sickness just so you can stay in bed …

There’s no real internet on the ship so I’ll be updating twitter @laurajeanmckay via the ship’s seamail 

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