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Fly away

September 23, 2013


It has been a long time between posts and I’m flying again. In the next month I will be catching eight planes to traverse the distance between Melbourne, Indonesia, Cambodia and back again. Roughly 6887.42km, 16.20 tonnes of emissions,  35 trees. To offset the ‘full global warming impact’ through will cost $356.40. To offset only the emissions is […]

All at sea

December 29, 2012


  In the latest The Big Issue I write about travelling by cargo ship to and from New Zealand. Pick up a copy from your local vendor!

The other Bahia Castillo affair

July 19, 2012


The ship that took us from Auckland to Melbourne was the MV Bahia Costello.  She was much better behaved then her namesake, a 9959 tonne lady circa 1913. That first Bahia was a shit storm on water. Like most voyages, the first Bahia Costello started out badly.  Filthy and under stocked, she halfheartedly welcomed on […]

Portrait of the captain as a god.

July 12, 2012


What is a captain? When you board a cargo ship you meet the captain. He may be drunk in the poop deck or guiding his large family around the ship on a nautical tour. He may show you around the ship or leave you to your room and porthole. He may be young as rain […]

Shipping out

June 26, 2012


At 16:00hrs Auckland time, Tom and I will be hauling our 150kg of luggage along the rain spat on Auckland Port dock towards the Bahia Castillo – the ship that will take us over the Tasman to Melbourne.  We’ve been watching the great lady come in and perving at her profile photos on the ship tracker this […]

Business class

June 22, 2012


We are travelling back to Melbourne via cargo. The more you book cargo travel the cheaper and easier it gets. Perhaps I give off some sailors’ scent now – a mixture of brine, smoke and loneliness – that booking agents are tuned in to. It has the equivalence of a business class ticket. I am […]

Kill Your Darlings on the high seas

May 31, 2012


My latest article about travel by cargo ship has lonely sailors, femininity and projectile vomiting. Read it at Kill Your Darlings

I heard it on the radio

April 3, 2012


Travel with Tom Doig, Henry Feltham and I on our travel show podcast, Radio One, Dunedin! We talk cargo travel, Cambodia, Mongolia, space, time and eating dick.


March 20, 2012


There is something wrong with the ocean. It becomes rough. The sailors have binocular eyes pointed at a low bank of grey cloud on the hairline of horizon. Mountains. If I look to the north I can pretend we’re still far at sea. But land has a siren call. It pulls your focus and your […]

The ocean in colour

March 18, 2012


A moment of media madness during our shore leave in stupidly stunning Napier, east coast, Aotearoa. Passportless, we hand over our crew id – a photocopy job – and  step off the port onto a black stone beach, waves beating it slowly into sand.  Tonight we hit the sailor’s club for the promise of tea and […]